Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the top choice for patients who need to replace one or more missing teeth. They are popular because they are practical, durable, and they look natural. All of these benefits combined provide the patient with a renewed sense of freedom to smile, laugh, speak, and eat. They look so natural that even the patients tend to forget that they are not real. The recipients of dental implants can also function freely without worrying that the implants will slip or fall out.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are implanted through a three-step process. The first step involves the embedding of posts directly into the patient’s jawbone. Part of this first step involves a waiting period of 3-6 months during which the posts are able to naturally fuse with the jawbone. After the posts have thoroughly fused with the bone structure, the second step involves the attachment of an abutment to the posts. This abutment is the foundation to which the replacement tooth is attached. During the third step, custom-made replacement teeth are placed. Dental implants are consistently used to replace a single missing tooth or even and entire set of missing teeth.


  • They preserve your youthful appearance by preserving the natural bone structure of your jaw.
  • They are specifically matched to your natural teeth. Even friends and relatives will have a tough time telling that the replacement teeth are not real.
  • They will give you confidence to laugh freely, to speak boldly, to smile openly, and to eat easily. They cannot slip or fall out of your mouth.
  • They will last the rest of your life if you care for them properly.

The process from beginning to end will typically take a few months. However, the overwhelming response from implant patients is that the wait was more than worth it. The majority of the time involved in getting implants involves simply waiting for the implanted posts to fuse with the patient’s jawbone. This part of the process is very important to the overall success of the procedure. Once this step is completed, the final attachment of the replacement teeth is simple and quick.

Any patient that is missing one or more of their natural teeth is likely candidate for dental implants. In situations where missing teeth have been untreated for extended periods of time, some additional procedures may be necessary to make dental implants successful for you.

The true cost of your dental implants will rely on several variables. Obviously, the greatest variable will be the number of natural teeth that you are needing to replace. Your cost may also increase if your situation requires any additional procedures. These additional steps are most often needed if you are dealing with missing teeth that have been left untreated for an extended period of time. Please stop by our office for a Free Consultation and let one of our team members help you determine all of the relevant variables. You will quickly discover that dental implants will provide you with a beautiful smile and a sense of freedom that are well worth the investment of time and money.

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