Nu Aligner Smile

A beautiful, straight smile. It’s what everyone wants. We have good news: the Nu Smile Aligner will help you get it.

Traditional braces are painful, expensive, and inconvenient. The Nu Smile Aligner offers a quick, effective, and safe method for teeth straightening. Whether you have issues with spacing, crowding, or misalignment, the Nu Smile Aligner might be just the solution you’re looking for. 

The Benefits of the Nu Smile Aligner

  • No metal brackets or wires
  • Very comfortable, especially compared to traditional braces
  • Virtually invisible
  • Quick results – six months on average
  • Easily removable for brushing, flossing, and eating

The Nu Aligner Smile Process

The first step is  attending a free consultation, where we’ll assess if you’re a good candidate for the Nu Smile Aligner. After determining your eligibility, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan.

Before you begin, we’ll show you a digitized version of your expected results. Next, we’ll create your personalized aligners. Every few weeks, you’ll switch to a new set of aligners to wear daily, and watch your smile transform before your eyes. In the end you’ll be given a retainer that will help maintain your new, perfect smile.

For $1750, you can completely change the appearance of your teeth. At Nu Dental, we also offer a payment plan of $80/month. We want to ensure that nothing stands in the way of you and that smile you’ve always been looking for.

Ready to show off the straightest, healthiest smile of your life? Call today to set up a free consultation and see if the Nu Smile Aligner is right for you.

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Get the smile you’ve always wants.